Alternative Energy Sources To Power Your Car #infographic

Alternative Energy Sources To Power Your Car #infographic

With growing concerns about the environmental impacts of gasoline and diesel use — including carbon dioxide emissions from the vehicle industry, massive oil spills, and dangerous mining practices — many drivers, companies, and scientists are searching for renewable energy sources to fuel their personal vehicles and vehicle fleets.

Some of the most popular alternative sources are electricity and biodiesel, but which one has more potential when it comes to driving the cars? The massive rise in electric vehicle demand and popularity makes electric and battery-powered cars a strong competitor, but there are still plenty of other energy sources to be found and built out there.

Including the most well-known sources of renewable energy, such as coal, to those you may never have heard of, such as coffee grounds and feces, we have compiled a list of both feasible and fascinating alternative energy sources that are being applied or researched to fuel our transition to the future.
Alternative Energy Sources To Power Your Car #infographic

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