Belief around Superstitions #Infographic

Belief around Superstitions #Infographic

  • Was Friday, the 13th a miserable day for you
  • Will you be getting nervous when a black cat crosses your path?
  • Arrange to pass under ladders?

Many of us believe in such superstitions. When we see a black cat, we are shifting our course, crossing our fingers for good luck and avoiding someone attempting to open a paraglider inside.

But in fact how many Americans are superstitious?

YouGov conducted an informative March 13 poll arriving on a Friday, where Americans were asked how superstitious they are. In their answers, only 9 per cent confessed to being superstitious while 35 per cent said they were not very superstitious.

It seems as though the Americans don't think much for the two Thursday, the thirteenth we'll see in 2020. And this way, some other explanation! Wouldn't you?

Belief around Superstitions #Infographic

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