Coronavirus and It’s Influence on Education #infographic

Coronavirus and It’s Influence on Education #infographic

After its outbreak at the end of 2019 the coronavirus has infected more than 109,000 individuals from 104 countries around the world. As a precautionary measure, travelers have restricted flying while multiple cultural, social, and even religious events are cancelled due to fear of being exposed to it.

And now, many countries have forced schools to be closed for an unspecified period of time, as the children are potentially the most at risk. Nonetheless, UNESCO claims school closures in more than 13 countries leave around 290.5 million children at home.

As the epicenter of the epidemic, the 233 million children in China are most out of school. Japan houses 16.5 million children at home with 331 diagnoses of coronavirus while Iran claims to have 14.6 million children affected by school closures.

Although closing schools which reduce children's exposure to the virus, it does have its set of adverse effects. This means stopping children from learning, and leaving them deprived of growth opportunities. Working parents may also take leave of work to care for the children while they are away from school.

Many educational institutes have implemented interactive learning protocols to help kids stay updated with their learning materials. Children belonging to developing countries facing limited Internet access and advanced technologies have little alternative, however.

Coronavirus and It’s Influence on Education #infographic

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