Facebook's Social Media Domination #infographic

Facebook's Social Media Domination #infographic

No doubt Facebook is one of the world's biggest companies right now. It has been operating successfully for over a decade, and with the ever-changing nature of technology and its application, it has been able to adapt and grow over time, not only as a product, but also as a business.

Google Inc., for now. Has owned some of the world's most successful mobile apps like WhatsApp, Instagram and others. Such apps collectively have over 500 million users worldwide, almost half of all internet users worldwide.

Tencent Inc., is from China. Is the largest rival of Facebook, and unlikely to be replaced anytime soon, because China has its own social media networks, and does not expect to grow anytime soon. Notwithstanding the offer, Facebook Inc. Has continued to stay competitive in the application industry and defeat other technology giants and businesses.

Apps like TikTok and Reddit, which are both quite common, have gained momentum, and in the past decade alone, social media apps have outstripped the film industry and fundamentally changed the way the world communicates.
If things stay the same, then Facebook would have no trouble staying at the forefront of the social media industry and evolving as time changes.

Facebook's Social Media Domination #infographic

infographic by: www.statista.com

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