Giving Schools an Honest Grade #infographic

Giving Schools an Honest Grade #infographic

As adults we will also treat our public education as a matter of course. Nonetheless, as infographic shows today, it is of course very important to our culture.

Today's graphic shows public education in the U.S. Public education has obviously been very beneficial to the general public, with the number of US adults over the last 60 years or so earning a high school diploma growing at a phenomenal rate. In comparison, student performance is higher in any major racial and ethnic group than it was in the 1970s.

Though all that knowledge is amazing to learn, there is still work to be done to equalize the outcome for each group of individuals. There are also major differences between the different classes in the graduation levels. A middle-class white student, for example, is also much more likely to graduate at a standard pace than a Native American student, say, or an economically disadvantaged student graduating at the standard pace is.

Giving Schools an Honest Grade #infographic

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