Hospital Supply Chain Management Solutions #infographic

Hospital Supply Chain Management Solutions #infographic

U.S. spending on health care last year reached $3.8 trillion, of which one third was spent on hospital alone. The expected 5.7 percent rise in sending of patients will occur over the next seven years, but one out of five hospitals is likely to close for financial reasons. There are several explanations for the hospitals collapsing too much. One reason for this is that the advent of Medicaid means hospitals are seeing increased use.

On top of that, more people are aging through Medicare, which will affect hospitals because reimbursement rates are just 41 percent compared to 241 percent from private insurance providers. Another problem is the costly but important introduction of new emerging technologies and specialty drugs. One solution to these issues is the implementation of successful supply chain operations.

More than half of hospital managers agree that enhanced supply chain management could increase profit margins by up to 3 per cent. Learn how hospitals can save their money, time and self using supply chain management in the following infographic.

Hospital Supply Chain Management Solutions #infographic

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