Isolation: a Potential Cure for Coronavirus #infographic

Isolation: a Potential Cure for Coronavirus #infographic

We all know how contagious the coronavirus is. This quickly spreads from person to person-and rapidly. A person can potentially catch the disease just by touching the same surface as the infected person.

Fortunately, the disease can be managed and prevented by precautionary measures such as enhancing the hygiene routine, covering the mouth while sneezing and coughing, and maintaining a safe distance from others, regardless of their health.

Nevertheless, several nations around the world have struggled to contain the pandemic, including China, Iran, Italy, UK and the US. Of over 194,000 cases, the virus has spread exponentially worldwide. And the figures tend to grow, as many of the' impacted' countries see the number of cases doubling every three or four days.

Health experts also accept that the spread of COVID-9 can not be stopped but, indeed, it can be slowed down by taking drastic steps such as' social distancing.' Researchers say that the spread of the disease can be substantially decreased by reducing human interaction.

Just one human, for example, gets infected. But the person continues to interact with others and every four days, the number of cases begins to double. The count has increased after 36 days, to 512 incidents. Government A puts in place steps to fix the issue, and sees the difference in time duplication from four days to up to eight days at once.

Nevertheless, Government B does not deem it necessary to take any action, and finds itself dealing with more than 30,000 cases after 2 months of the outbreak, while Government A has just 4,096.

And then there is government C that decides to take the same action as government A after having crossed 2,000 cases. The results seem good, but country C ends up with twice as many cases as country A.

Isolation: a Potential Cure for Coronavirus #infographic

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