Nintendo and Lego join hands to celebrate Mario #Infographic

Nintendo and Lego join hands to celebrate Mario #Infographic

On Mar10 the Mario Day was celebrated with many stores offering product discounts featuring the Nintendo character. Lego has also announced their partnership with the world's favorite toymaker, Nintendo's Mario.

On Tuesday, both companies sent their fans a small message on social media that hinted at the collaboration. If this partnership means that figures from the Mario-themed Lego will soon be available on the market or Nintendo will release a video game with figures from Lego-based Mario is still unclear. Yet the fans are eager, and can't wait to see the next offer from two of the most famous firms in the world.
Nintendo's Mario character is one of the most popular personages in the video game industry. Another of her series, Super Mario Bros, featuring Mario and his brother Luigi, is considered one of the most famous games ever played.

Published in 1985, the Super Mario Bros is listed on the Guinness World Records for selling nearly a half million copies. And even after 35 years the players get excited about the game.
Let's take a look in the chart below at some of the Mario titles, ranked by the number of units sold.

Nintendo and Lego join hands to celebrate Mario #Infographic

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