Recruitment Success under Clinton’s Leadership #infographic

Recruitment Success under Clinton’s Leadership #infographic

One of the successes most presidents highlight is the amount of new jobs that they generated during their tenure. Another way of demonstrating their success is to highlight the total workforce, particularly if the presidents are running for a second term.

When it comes to America and its presidents Bill Clinton created the most jobs during his tenure at the White Office from 1993-2001. According to common U.S. numbers Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 19 million new jobs were generated by the 42nd President of America.

Second, 40th-president Ronal Reagan follows with 16.5 million new jobs created between 1981–1989. Holding a record for serving America for three years, Franklin D. Roosevelt created 9.5 million jobs during his lifetime before dying in office.

Ironically, the most jobs were created by two-term presidents. Nevertheless Jimmy Carter was able to give 9.8 million employees during his tenure from 1977-1981. Donald Trump, the new president of the United States has 4.7 million jobs on his accomplishments list.

Recruitment Success under Clinton’s Leadership #infographic

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