Smartphone Photography Tips #infographic

Smartphone Photography Tips #infographic

Today's smartphones are being scrutinized more than ever for camera efficiency. It is also backed up by consumer estimates-86 per cent of Americans consider camera performance when purchasing a new smartphone. Yet there's more to great photography with smartphones than just the hardware. AI is doing all the research which makes your pictures look better.

With AI you don't need to know the more technical side of the picture. Many AI algorithms are designed to process image images, mimicking human vision. Instead, AI switches camera every time to get the perfect shot. AI can see and therefore change much more than the average human would hope to adapt.
Many AI's are designed to work around those limitations, with the limitations of the hardware. AI was designed to turn your typical ordinary pictures into creative ones. HDR, or high dynamic range, is a common technique combining 3 images with varying exposures to get the best possible lighting.

Here are some software and tricks to make AI stand out from the rest of your pictures.

Smartphone Photography Tips #infographic

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