The Secret To Apple’s Money Success #infographic

The Secret To Apple’s Money Success #infographic

Apple has kept on running the United States. Tech industry, smartphone, laptop and smartwatches leading sales. By 02/05/2020 Apple had the largest market lead of $1.41 trillion, according to the Most Rated Global Tech Firms, while Microsoft had just $1.39 trillion in revenue to compare. Only take a peek at the financials to see why.

Their quarterly earnings and expenditures indicate gross sales of $20 billion. Sales and profits from iPhone sales alone looked like $26 billion annually, representing 48 per cent of their sales. Apple continues to show remarkable success, for example in 2007 when just 1 million was sold for iPhone release but 218 million sold 11 years after that year.

Apple's success has some mysteries, such as the Steve Jobs philosophy, and the enduring commitment that gives longer life with less help needs. In fact, the product is also built to last longer, and the use of a market for refurbishment allows a resale value to offset the cost of their full price items. To this point, any other tech firm has been able to dominate the market, find out more about how Apple has done it in the chart below.

The Secret To Apple’s Money Success #infographic

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