Use Emojis to Make Your Team More Productive #infographic

Use Emojis to Make Your Team More Productive #infographic

Emojis are nowadays so popular as the most effective workplace communication tool. Such emojis will help our colleagues get an understanding of your mood or emotional feelings. This has set up a good bond with your friends, and you get closer and attached to them, which also gives them the impression you enjoy on the job.

Emojis act as a true human face, and your real emotions are at the moment the emotion you choose. It also gives the illusion that you have a face-to-face interaction with the team leader and don't feel left out. If the emojis are used correctly, and if you don't misuse them, they will help you make new friends and improve your relationship by clarifying your voice sound and answering more easily and more efficiently.

Emojis is a helpful workplace productivity guide 92 per cent of people are using emoji communication to make it the fastest growing language in the world. By 2018 the Unicode community had already widely and officially approved 2,823 emojis. Every day 900 million emojis are sent to Facebook with no added words meaning that people want to make emojis their way of communicating because this is the easiest way to communicate and it doesn't take much time. Time-consuming, like type in a single line or a word.

The distributional hypothesis is that people get to learn about various emojis, such as a heart or a smiley with face, by reading the captions on Instagram, or by searching it on google. Using emojis at work is common because no one has time to type in lengthy messages about how they feel. 61% of employers use emojis and 67% of workers use emojis at work. Competence in the emoji workplace is a form of digital emotional intelligence that improves positive interactions and productivity in the workplace.Through the aid of emojis, even a conflict at work can transform fun and enjoyable. Nowadays, 70 percent of the contact is done using non-verbal expressions and emojis quickly carry these feelings back to digital interaction.

The best way to use emojis in the workplace is to know the person well and to use the right emoji according to their personality and comfort level. Use thumbs-up emojis to agree to save time and boost team comprehension. Teams that often use emojis at work are considered to be the most productive collaborators, and have a higher IQ. The introduction of the emojis design would make us better communicators.

Use Emojis to Make Your Team More Productive #infographic

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