What is Line Painting? #infographic

What is Line Painting? #infographic

Line markers are a familiar sight, because they help keep drivers safe and alert when driving on roads or in parking lots. Many lines are easily apparent, for example leading arrow lines or handicap signage for parking. The markings still see much wear and tear on a daily basis, and slowly wear out and fade. Holding the lines fresh and simple is what makes this essential requirement for professional line painting.

Line painting refers to any street walls, parking lots or parkades that you use. All drivers and pedestrians rely on proper road signs to keep themselves safe and to avoid collisions. This is either applied in white or yellow, depending on where line painting is needed. Some situations may require colored paint, such as a blue and white combination, such as parking for the impairment.

Line painting is not only critical for health but also has a role to play in affecting businesses. An unattractive sight to any prospective tenant or customer is a run-down car park or vacant park. Getting a well maintained property serves both business and customer service, and is more likely to draw new customers.

What is Line Painting? #infographic

infographic by: www.newlookcabinets.com

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