American Believe Covid-19 is a Lab-grown Disease #infographic

American Believe Covid-19 is a Lab-grown Disease #infographic

According to a new survey by PewResearch Center, over a quarter of Americans believe a laboratory developed the coronavirus – about 29 per cent. Six per cent thought it may have been made accidentally, while 23 per cent said it was produced deliberately.

Nevertheless, a significant group – about 43 per cent of American adults said the virus had grown spontaneously. Twenty-five per cent of respondents were also unsure as to how COVID-19 was developed.
The survey also noted the age, class, and political affiliation of the respondents, and found that those factors played a significant role in participant perception. There, 27 percent of Americans aged between 18 – 29 years thought the virus was produced in the laboratory while just 15 percent of seniors – aged 65 and older believed the same thing.

When it comes to education, 27 per cent of high school graduates believed that the virus was produced from the laboratory while only 15 per cent replied with a college degree to the same.

Ironically, the virus was created in a laboratory by 30 percent of Republicans, compared to just 16 percent of Democrats.
The COVID-19 virus emerged in the Wuhan district of China, and was the subject of a lot of speculation. Because of China's tense relationship with America, many people wonder whether the Chinese government purposely developed the disease, or inadvertently released it.

Coronavirus-or COVID-19, deemed a pandemic by the WHO, is an infectious, respiratory disease. The ailment has caused more than 1,487,000 cases and 88,630 deaths as of that year. China, the area in which the virus formed, eventually managed to contain the virus. Nonetheless, the drastic effects of the pandemic being the hardest hit with Italy, the US and Spain are felt by other nations around the world.
American Believe Covid-19 is a Lab-grown Disease #infographic

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