COVID-19 Lockdown Update #Infographic

COVID-19 Lockdown Update #Infographic

According to a report published by Business Insider, nearly one third of the world's population is under some form of lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak.

The largest shutdown happens in India where 1.3 billion people have to live indoors. India's president, Narendra Modi, ordered a 21-day lockdown from 25 March, but later extended the curfew to 1 May.

Although though the pandemic was at its height, the lockdown imposed in India exceeds the size of the ones that occurred in China.

The numerous American states often enforced strict stay-at-home rules to varying degrees. But, despite the fear of spreading, some states are now starting to relax restrictions.
Often found in European countries such as France, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom are regional lockdowns, home bounding more than 300 million people. Russia has also taken similar precautions, quarantining about 132 million people.

Countries in Latin America like Peru, Argentina, Panama, El Salvador, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia and Paraguay have also taken military assistance and imposed tight lockdowns. Ecuador also told its people to stay at home, with more than 11,000 cases of COVID-19, one of the highest in Latin America.
Today, the Philippines is enforcing a strict lockdown that affects around 100 million people. In reality, the Philippine President Duterte is quoted as saying that it would shoot down anyone who breaches the quarantine.

Jordan is also introducing a similar scheme in which anyone stopped on the street will be tried for up to one year in jail.

The following diagram indicates the number of people expected to remain in lockdown to monitor the spread of the lockdowns. All major countries in South Africa, with the exception of Kenya and Uganda, seem to have brought the lockdowns in full swing.

Look at the map below and tell us in the comments section below about the safety steps!

COVID-19 Lockdown Update #Infographic

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