Evolution of PHP - PHP/F1 to PHP 7.3 #infographic

Evolution of PHP - PHP/F1 to PHP 7.3 #infographic

PHP is a Hypertext Preprocessor language. It is open source language. This is widely used to build pages and is loaded with HTML. Here is the example PHP is server side script language and used in dynamic Web applications. Here are the key fields in which PHP script is used:- Server side scripting- Command line scripting- Server side scripting web applications: this is the most general use of PHP.

You need PHP-configured server, web browser, to run the script. You may use the HTML to connect with the PHP script to the user interface. Online applications and online forms are common examples. Command line scripting: You can even run PHP script without a web browser and server. PHP script can be executed by PHP Parse. On the Linux server, you can run the script regularly via CRON job and the Window Task Scheduler.

Desktop Applications: You can easily create your own Mobile Apps when you have PHP expertise. You need to install and configure the WAMP / XAMP server on your local computer.
Evolution of PHP - PHP/F1 to PHP 7.3 #infographic

infographic by: www.clariontech.com

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