Is America Reopening Too Soon? #Infographic

 Is America Reopening Too Soon? #Infographic

The COVID-19 shutdown is entering its second month in the US and the flattening curves are encouraging the Americans to 'reopen' some of the states to promote their economy and employment.

The records obtained from the Center for Public Accountability, however, indicate 'we are not out of the woods.' The reopening will cause more than 300,000 additional deaths, according to estimates from federal health officials. This figure is five times higher than the latest government estimate of 60,000 with strict social distancing measures being applied.

Additionally, the papers display several possibilities that can decrease or increase deaths if social distance protocols stop. This includes two COVID-19 scenarios of moderate severity and transmission rate, where different rates of asymptomatic transmission will lead to deaths ranging from 90,000 to 150,000.

On the other hand, if the COVID-19 levels exceed a high degree of severity and transmission, death toll in the US would reach 1.1 million to 1.8 million.

The report came after president Donald Trump released new orders to loosen the lockdown. Several governors have mirrored his agenda and started preparing to reopen several businesses by the end of April as demonstrators started lining up on the streets with a chant to 'shut down the shutdown,' which meant economic hardship because of the lockout.

As of Saturday the United States of America had 927,000 confirmed diagnoses of coronavirus cases occurring in all 50 states. Health officials remember the epidemic in the US is far from over. They also claim to have restricted testing capacities and by reopening the states in this case, they can deliver disastrous results.
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 Is America Reopening Too Soon? #Infographic

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