Is Coronavirus Killing More Men Than Women? #infographic

Is Coronavirus Killing More Men Than Women? #infographic

Various findings from different countries show that men are more at risk of COVID-19 transmission compared with women. The data also understand that the ailment kills more individuals than females.

For example, the GlobalHealth survey found that 71 percent of Italy's deaths were caused by men-only 29 percent were women. Spain reported similar statistics with men comprising 65 per cent of all deaths.

It's too early to say why this gender gap went wrong, too. However, behavioral and lifestyle choices are said to play a key role, as men are more likely to seek help with their symptoms, while women still hesitate.
Men are often comfortable when it comes to hygiene, and may stop regularly washing their hands or using soap / sanitizer Poor immunity is the main reason for this. Health experts have long recognized that men are more vulnerable to viruses than women. It has also been suggested that women usually have a better immune system, and a greater capacity to fight viruses.

Women are more likely to develop autoimmune disorders, as an alternative. In fact, research shows that 80 per cent of all autoimmune diseases are attributed to women. It includes arthritis, type 1 diabetes, psoriasis and multiple sclerosis. This happens when an individual's immune response is so strong that it affects organs in the body.
Is Coronavirus Killing More Men Than Women? #infographic

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