Mental Health In Isolation #infographic

 Mental Health In Isolation #infographic

We are both worried right now, no matter what our situation might look like. A pandemic affects every facet of our daily lives, and people are stressed that they may die while others are stressed that they are unable to work or attend school. The worst thing is that when all of this ends we have no way to tell, which leads to a perfect storm that wrecks our mental health. How are you maintaining your mental health while in quarantine?

First, make sure you're checking in with yourself and deciding on your own needs. It can be tempting to watch too much television or to waste too much time worrying about things outside your control. Plan on getting yourself looked after. Get plenty of food, plenty of water, a balanced diet and plenty of exercise — not too much even.

Running, setting up a routine, and calling people every day will help you stay connected. For more information about how to protect your mental health during quarantine, see below.
 Mental Health In Isolation #infographic

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