Never Say These Things to Your Customers #infographic

Never Say These Things to Your Customers #infographic

They say, "The customer is always right." But, in the real world, that statement is not always valid. There will be times where the clients aren't exactly right. But call center reps are responsible for a constructive attitude to customer behaviour and customer complaint handling.

70 per cent of customers leave a company or an person because they feel rudely or indifferently treated, according to customer In reality, most of the staff that managed clients wrongly never knew that.

Research has shown that members of customer service are almost 100 per cent of the time on support calls to deal with frustrated and angry customers. In such a situation only a single offensive word spoken by the agents of the call center is necessary to irritate the clients. It makes consumers never want to return to business because they've had a bad experience.
Never Say These Things to Your Customers #infographic

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