The power of Forgiveness #infographic

The power of Forgiveness #infographic

Forgiving is a pillar of Christian spirituality. We know that Christ died so that we may inherit redemption, and we know that we are called to forgive others. But sometimes we can not completely grasp the value and power of true forgiveness due to a lack of understanding, or feelings of anger that we have not dealt with.

Before I met Jesus I would have some grudges. Especially when I feel that they were treated unfairly, like me or others. But when I was saved, everything had changed, including my ability to let go of sins, and to forgive more easily. Showing grace and mercy for us is so much simpler when we recognize the value of a good God acknowledging and of our evil, selfish, even horrible acts and thoughts, and continuing to love and forgive us. Something it shifts your perspective and the very way you see life when you meet Him.

Any challenge, question, frustration and offense seem to hold little weight in the light of eternity. It's hard to bear a grudge if you communicate constantly with the God who gave His son for you. "Jesus thank you for everlasting life and freedom, but I can't forgive my sister for not watching my boy." It just doesn't work. So I forgive you if my old college roommate is reading this April for wasting half of my wardrobe without asking ... And the time to cover your car keys I'm sorry. Both times, okay.

The power of Forgiveness #infographic

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