Wines with accurate food pairing #infographic

 Wines with accurate food pairing #infographic

Not all wines taste the same; therefore it is not recommended that any wine be combined with any food. If you want to get the best out of any wine, the right food has to be combined with it. Sparkling wines are the fizzy ones with no carbon dioxide content. Champagne is a sparkling wine that is acidic and sweet, and much less acidic; thus, it has no significant digestive properties and you can enjoy sparkling wines with light and salty foods that go well with this sweet and sour drink. From eating the dense foods with sparkling wine like red meat.

Cava also has a citrus aroma which makes it taste acidic and Prosecco is fizzy, also full of bubbles. Dry wines, as the name implies, have no sugar but have a fruity flavor. We don't taste sweet but we smell like fruits, like Pinot Grigio who tastes like a peach, apple or lime. Likewise, Sauvignon Blanc is dry wine, in which the taste ranges from zesty lime to spicy peach. All of these wines can also be eaten with light sone and tangy foods that are a little sour and improve the taste of the wine.

Rich white wines have a heavy citrus flora; they are slightly acidic and have a content in alcohol. Chardonnay is a rich white wine with a wide variety of flavors including papaya, pineapple and citrus and apple. Viognier has mild flavors of mango and tangerine, and its fragrance resembles rich vanilla. Instead of the creamy fragrance, these rich white wines taste much better with fatty and creamy foods like saucy pasta and cream salads. Most white vines have a distinctive sweet taste, just as Riesling is able to taste very sweet when the fruit is very ripe. Moscato is an Italian wine that is mostly drank as an aperitif, because of its extra sweet flavor.

Moscato has also been dubbed dessert wine in the past. Such wines can be combined with some tasty dessert to improve the taste, or some spicy food to reduce the effects of spices. However, these sweet wines should not be eaten with anything more delicious than the wine, because there is not going to be too much sugar in them.

Red wines have four different types, from soft red to bold red and the other is a dessert. Appearingly strong red wine tastes acidic and dry. The Pinot Noir and Gamay both have a solid, dry flavour. These wines should therefore be eaten with something like truffles and Swiss cheese that takes the flavor to a high level but not too serious. Medium red wines are the ones you can combine with red meat because this is a perfect match for your tastebuds to please. Merlot is one of the medium red wines in its taste, with red, blue and black fruit. It has different tones of earthy flavour, with rich and savory food.

Bold red wine has a smoke-like pepper-like flavour; it is delicious and elegant, and well suited for stewing and lamb dinners. Pair syrah with smoked cheese and intensify its smokey flavour. A dessert wine is a sparkling wine with the right amount of carbon dioxide and, as the name suggests, mixing with desserts is best because acidity in it suppresses the sweet taste.
 Wines with accurate food pairing #infographic

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