100 TV Shows Ranked by Their Final Episode #Infographic

100 TV Shows Ranked by Their Final Episode #Infographic

The final episode of a TV show will play a big part in how the series will be remembered in the future. A fantastic finale can lift a series to iconic status, while a less than stellar final episode will tarnish a show's credibility for ever. Performing consistently good storytelling in a series is a profoundly daunting job, but some demonstrate more excellence than others.

This infographic on TitleMax analyzed IMDb data in order to determine which of the 100 most popular TV shows had the best and worst ending episodes. Some shows, including Breaking Bad, earned high ratings during the series and had a well-loved finale, while other shows including Game of Thrones started out solid, but didn't give viewers the satisfying ending they were hoping for. Either way, these unforgettable finals generated powerful reactions from fans, and will not soon be forgotten!

Every final episode is your favorite of a TV show?

100 TV Shows Ranked by Their Final Episode #Infographic

infographic by: www.titlemax.com

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