Are There Any Countries Safe From Covid-19? #infographic

Are There Any Countries Safe From Covid-19? #infographic
The distribution of COVID-19 is vast, and is thought to have reached every corner of the globe. But strangely, parts of the planet have for some minute spared the coronavirus' wrath. The following Map shows the countries that have not yet reported any cases of coronavirus.

Of course there are some variations on that list. For example, North Korea has yet to acknowledge any case of coronavirus in its country. However, South Korea disputes those statements, saying that the COVID-19 has also spread across the border with China.

However, North Korea's media is among the most tightly controlled in the world, making it hard to determine whether or not South Korea's allegations are real!
The situation became more complicated when North Korea's supreme leader-Kim Jong-un allegedly disappeared from the public eye. Since that time it has been suspected that he was either dead or recovering from major heart surgery. However, he finally resurfaced, calming down the gossip mongers.

Similar to North Korea, Turkmenistan also has strict censorship rules, and remains free of COVID-19 as of this writing.

Coronavirus reports have also not been identified in African country Lesotho, and there are many nations on the Pacific Islands, including the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.
The coronavirus has contaminated 212 countries worldwide with 2 conveyances. As of 5 May 2020 the total number of COVID-19 diagnoses worldwide is 3,673,468 fatalities, and 253,404 injuries.

Are There Any Countries Safe From Covid-19? #infographic

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