Baby boomer travelers – A remunerative demographic #infographic

Baby boomer travelers – A remunerative demographic #infographic

Traveling is the perfect sport for anybody, however old they may be. The younger generation, we say, flies the most, but it turns out the fact is different. Baby boomers were the largest rate of travelers in the US. People born between 1946-1964 are commonly referred to as 'Baby Boomers.' It is because they gained enough cash to spend on themselves that they 're-travel lovers. They also have no hurry and tension in their daily work; therefore they can fly whenever they wish, whenever they wish.

Baby boomers are on the move for reasons

Boomers will choose which destination they want to travel. There are however several reasons for them to travel, such as

  • They want to take a break from their daily lives and spend some quality time in a quiet place with their significant others
  • Spend your summer holidays in a lovely town
  • Meet your friends or relatives, who live miles apart in different countries
  • Feast / Aid in one case
  • To spend a perfect holiday with your loved ones in another setting
Areas where boomers travel

The baby boomers take both domestic and overseas excursions. The choice depends on why they are travelling. In their beloved country, domestic destinations can be anywhere, while international spots are usually Italy, the UK, France, Mexico, etc.

Where they want to stay?

Most boomers don't know the booking resorts or guest houses procedures well. And they choose hotel accommodation. Except those who are visiting their families tend to live in their homes with their friends.

Travel advertisers tend to target young travelers, and throw baby boomers out of reach. They know nothing, the boomers are the ones who fly the most. Travel companies should be serving boomers well by offering them packages that match their needs. Thus this remunerative cohort will bring great success to the travel companies.

Baby boomer travelers – A remunerative demographic #infographic

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