Helium 10 Tool Guide #Infographic

 Helium 10 Tool Guide #Infographic

Helium 10 is a powerful all-in-one software suite featuring 20 fully integrated tools that help Amazon sellers work efficiently and effectively in the following areas: product and keyword research, listing optimization, financial analysis, listing management and competitor analysis.

New users of the app may have trouble figuring out which tool to use and what each tool intends to do!

I made the infographic as a simple guide to help out.

How will teams face off?

Camelcamelcamel and Keepa once proved to be reliable, free tools to view BSR history. Both are now paying out providers that's a shame. They left a lot of money on the table and I think they didn't monetize so who can blame them.

I initially signed up to continue using Keepa's service but now I consider greater value, accessibility and comfort with Helium 10.

Any Amazon seller that doesn't take advantage of Helium 10 and its software really loses out on a great chance.

 Helium 10 Tool Guide #Infographic

infographic by: domhaines.com

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