Is Data The Key To Fighting COVID-19? #infographic

Is Data The Key To Fighting COVID-19? #infographic

COVID-19 is spreading all over the world at unimaginable pace. Companies and companies are now trying to get the best out of the new tech and data analysis to fight the virus and avoid this spread. Google, Twitter, Microsoft and other tech giants have collaborated with the WHO to organize a coronavirus 'hackathon' - trying to get people around the world to help create apps to track COVID-19 spread. The problem is not a lack of data from COVID-19, the challenge is to separate useful data from all that.

Understanding how hard COVID-19 has hit a country, risk factors, COVID-19 spread, and that the growing social and environmental forces are all things we need to learn. Not only do predictive models come from general data-small areas, they may have larger impacts on certain areas or have their own specific complexities that can be helpful or detrimental to prevent COVID-19 from spread.

Learn more about how governments and companies work together to collect data, and stop spreading COVID-19 here.

Is Data The Key To Fighting COVID-19? #infographic

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