Nevada gold: The Real Golden State #infographic

Nevada gold: The Real Golden State #infographic

Thanks to the world-famous 19th-century silver discoveries that revealed the precious metal potential of Nevada, today the state is known by many as the "Silver State."

Nicknaming however can need to be revised. For the past few decades, Nevada has been a big gold producer, accounting for 84 per cent of U.S. gold production total annually.

Today's Corvus Gold infographic demonstrates why Nevada may have a better argument for explaining California's "Golden State" nickname: we look at the state's gold output, mining potential, and even its rich history.
Walker Lane stands out for its exceptionally high-grade, growing reserves and immense potential for discovery. This has played an instrumental role in the history of the state, starting with the discovery of Comstock Lode in 1859, and in the future it seems likely to continue to.

The future for gold mining in Nevada could lie in the Walker Lane Trend. This pattern is host to some of the latest gold discoveries and has attracted the attention of major mining firms seeking discovery, and ultimately production.

Nevada gold: The Real Golden State #infographic

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