The Psychology of Isolation Fatigue #infographic

The Psychology of Isolation Fatigue #infographic

Picking the right school and the right course can be difficult. Online colleges aren't all produced equal. Some won't accept credits that were moved from other colleges. Others are completely unaccredited. You could invest the time and money to take courses just to find out later that you can not use the credits to get the degree you want in the school you've been admitted to, or that your employer won't recognize a degree because it's from the wrong program.

And how do you feel sure you 're on the right track? First things first.
Accreditation is critical for interested parties. To be accredited to a school, a professional association or council reviews the school's policies and practices in order to ensure they meet or exceed the curriculum standards set by the association. That is important for a number of reasons.

Students should be confident that an approved university or college can meet their educational needs and give them opportunities for financial assistance.

Colleges and students must be able to decide which credits can be passed between their chosen schools and programmes.

The Psychology of Isolation Fatigue #infographic

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