TikTok adds new features for video editing to the app #Article

TikTok adds new features for video editing to the app #Article

Here are some spellbinding news for TikTok users.

Recently, the app has launched a new feature called 'Edit Clips' allowing you to reshoot and rearrange portions of your TikTok videos. TikTok's latest update lets you use the new alternative.

According to TikTok: "Do you find it difficult to take your shot in one fluid? We just made it simple for you. Adjusting clips allows users to take and transfer different video clips to decide the perfect video sequence. Adjusting clips allows users to have fun splicing and easily order their video clips, and play around to tell your unique story.
In the above photo you can get a better idea of how that works. When you tap the 'Adjust Clips' option at the top, the creator will allow you to re-shoot a portion of your video after seeing it in the file, and you can also rearrange parts of it as you wish.

Up to now, users have only been able to replay after deleting a part of a video if they didn't like it but this new feature gives more editing capabilities to your TikTok uploads. This means that if you didn't like any aspect of your near perfect capture you would have had to delete the previous part as well as the part you want to change from the video.

The update will be useful and will allow more brands and software developers to build more innovative web content.

The option can be used in many ways and thanks to that, more creative clips can be made.

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