Travel Covid-19 Checklist Update #Infographic

Travel Covid-19 Checklist Update #Infographic

The world population lives in times of test. With the fear of coronavirus, most of us are confined to our homes and conduct our health-related research, learning and even retailing needs.

And even if the need arises to go out, either for required shopping, exercise, or safety needs – we take preventive measures by making use of sanitizers, masks, and gloves as mandatory as well as following guidelines for social distance and maintaining a healthy distance from others.

Yet why do the protocols change after the travel restrictions have been lifted?

Traveling should be back-it has to be because it depends on the economy and a lot of livelihoods.
And yet, the way we ride will change dramatically in the future!

Officials expect passengers to brace for a longer 'check-in' time before they actually get allowed onto the plane. Technology will also play a major role in bringing back travel in our lives through the introduction of cashless payment systems , electronic passports, e-tickets, robot cleaners and medical screening at travel hotspots.

Airlines will also need to introduce a strategy to create a seating schedule that will be effective in providing travelers with the necessary space.
Travelers do need to be vigilant before, during, and after their itinerary. In this regard, we have compiled a brief Infographic to help you take the necessary safety measures for post-COVID-19 travel.

Here, take a look at the infographic below, and let us know when travel restrictions for your future travel plans are relaxed.

Travel Covid-19 Checklist Update #Infographic

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