5G Revolution: Unlocking the Digital Age #infographic

5G Revolution: Unlocking the Digital Age #infographic

Imagine going straight from one day, using a typewriter, to typing the next on a laptop. There is no denying the pace and ease which would boost your tasks.

Within the global communication system, we 're at the cusp of a similar transition, with 5G. Full connectivity could soon be at our fingertips.

Today's infographic breaks down the exciting 5 G future and the massive opportunities it provides for smart tech and the Internet of Things ( IoT).
5 G is, and justifiably so, one of the most awaited evolutions of our time. The collaboration between 5 G and IoT will bring about a revolution in smart tech in the coming years and that effect will funnel the economy and investors portfolios into growth.

The 5 G network is the ideal infrastructure for the IoT — enabling growing number of devices, promoting accelerated data sharing and improving interconnected system response times.

According to McKinsey, 5 G will theoretically speed up Mainstream IoT adoption across multiple industries:

5G Revolution: Unlocking the Digital Age #infographic

infographic by: www.visualcapitalist.com

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