Coronavirus Courses Through U.S. Prisons #infographic

Coronavirus Courses Through U.S. Prisons #infographic

When demonstrations rage throughout the US over racial inequality, so will the COVID-19 pandemic in marginalized populations. One group neglected is the U.S. prison system, in which almost 50,000 prisoners around the country contracted the infection in cramped, unsanitary conditions.

According to data obtained by the advocacy organization The Marshall Project, at least 48,764 cases of COVID-19 were reported by inmates in both the federal and state prison systems. Although more than half of the reported cases have recovered, the infection has left 585 inmates to death.
Prison workers are also exposed to the virus, with as of June 23 COVID-19 contracting around 10,000 employees across the country. To date, 42 deaths of workers from the virus have been confirmed.

The country's prisons control prisoners and staff in several different ways, making it difficult for institutions to track just how quickly the virus spreads. While some states report hundreds or thousands of cases within their prison systems, there are few cases reported by others-even zero-COVID-19.

Coronavirus Courses Through U.S. Prisons #infographic

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