How to Cook With Flavourings #infographic

How to Cook With Flavourings #infographic

There are loads of different culinary cutting techniques which all have their purpose. At the same time, practice your knife skills as you play with different aromatics every evening.

There are a few you'll consider easier than others. The small-, medium- and big dice, the pick, are valuable cuts to know for aromatics. The Brunoise technique is the most arduous and time-consuming. Rouxbe's a perfect example here of that technique. Begin by cutting small , thin pieces (julienne), then dice them in cubes not larger than 1/8′′ (3 mm). Often French chefs brunoise up to 1/16′′ which isn't an immediate learning ability!

Need to know how to cook with no recycling? How to build flavor layers into food is a key skill you'll need to learn. Aromatics play an important role in many foods' flavouring but they can be taught very easily. Many of the classic aromatic blends are possibly already familiar to you.

We recommend you set yourself up a new "aromatic test" every night for a week. Seek out as many flavors from around the world as you can. Repeat, and perfect the mixes for a few weeks! You'll then have taken a big step towards cooking without a book on the recipe.

How to Cook With Flavourings #infographic

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