Pediatric Spinal Deformities and Treatments #infographic

Pediatric Spinal Deformities and Treatments #infographic

Continuing my health presentation on the spine, I'll share some information today on spine injuries, the forms and causes. If I say spine injury, this could be the first thing that can happen to you, well, because of injuries or a fall from a height, our spine gets hurted. Oh yeah, the spine surely hurts. But no, I'm not going to talk about it today. I'm going to touch on a frequently overlooked but serious cause of worry about our spine – the injuries our lifestyle causes.

Under his professional guidance Dr. G. Balamurali, one of Chennai's leading spinal neurosurgeons, provides a range of services. The programs provide research for non-surgical, surgical and recovery specialists, in addition to online medical support.

Dr G. Balamurali is an accomplished Chennai Spinal Neurosurgeon specializing in advanced spinal keyhole surgery. The benefits of minimally invasive key hole operations are:Tiny scar

  • Blood loss will be less
  • After surgery, pain will be smaller
  • Would have less harm to soft tissues
  • Post-op pain should be less
  • Short stay at hospital
  • Quicker time to heal
  • Going back faster into your everyday life.
Pediatric Spinal Deformities and Treatments #infographic

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