The COVID-19 Impact on Advertising Spend #infographic

The COVID-19 Impact on Advertising Spend #infographic

It was estimated that global advertising investment before the COVID-19 outbreak will grow at a clip of 7.1 per cent in 2020.

Today, due to shifting consumer behaviour, a severe contraction of 8.1 per cent — equivalent to nearly $ 50 billion — is expected. When considering forecasts of pre-pandemic output the overall loss becomes a grim $96.4 billion.

Today's graphic incorporates data from the World Advertising Research Center (WARC) to demonstrate the anticipated decrease in media form and industry advertisement spending.
The tug-of - war for ad dollars between online and traditional media seems to have a definite winner as marketers respond to the rising consumption of in-home media.

When advertisers struggle with their current reality, they face the challenge of changing consumer behavior and the possibility of the pandemic for a second wave, tightening up quarantine constraints once again.

Can COVID-19 speed up the inevitable transition to digital, or is it just temporary for traditional media to suffer?

The COVID-19 Impact on Advertising Spend #infographic

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