32 Endangered Species, Ranked by Their Current Population Left #infographic

32 Endangered Species, Ranked by Their Current Population Left #infographic

About 20 species are about to go extinct according to the World Wildlife Fund and the World Economic Forum. Many species may have fairly low numbers, but they are not necessarily # 1 on the WWF priority list and some species tend to have large populations on the list. Which has to do with their reproductive rates and cycles.

It's alarming how quickly the populations for certain species are decreasing! For example, the hawksbill turtle has a population well into the thousands but their fragile egg-hatching reproductive cycles place them high on the priority list. However, those on our list are currently extinct in the wild, like the Hawaiian crow, and efforts to drive them back into the wild have been futile given that they still have a population of about one hundred.

First, start with the information. Look at our list of endangered animals and why they are threatened, and try to prevent acts that may specifically endanger them, such as hunting, adding ocean waste, or developing traditional Chinese medicine that contains endangered parts of the species. Then look at the evidence to see what you can do to help wild, endangered species become extinct.

You may be able to donate to the WWF, volunteer in the community, inform others, get in touch with your state's wildlife resources and put pressure on local governments if they endanger local wildlife or trade with the communities they do. Let's work together to keep the world's most at risk animals alive!

32 Endangered Species, Ranked by Their Current Population Left #infographic

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