8 Video Hosting Sites to Consider in 2020 #infographic

8 Video Hosting Sites to Consider in 2020 #infographic

As the most entertaining online content medium, videos are fun to make, hopefully even more fun to watch and most importantly, highly successful from the point of view of conversions from a marketer perspective.

I believe that you want people to see that too, having spent a great deal of time and money in producing a movie.

So then what's next?

You'll want to post it somewhere so it can reach your audience and be shared to attract more visitors and increase your brand awareness.

Let's get to grips with the elephant in the room before we come across some of the best video hosting devices.
Who needs top class video hosting? You already have a web site where you can upload your material for the movie, right?

Really, you have to store a video file server, and a content replay website. Hosting your videos locally, though, isn't the brightest of ideas.

Unlike images, and let alone plain text, videos require an exponentially larger amount of resources such as storage space and bandwidth — a surefire path to all sorts of playback errors and quality issues, particularly on mobile devices.
And you don't want to bear all that load on your website, mostly because page speed often affects your blog rankings dramatically.

Uploading the video to a dedicated video host web site elegantly and straightforwardly cuts through all of these problems.

Adding your video to any web page is subsequently as easy as copying and pasting your particular embed code, and posting it on social media is also painless with typically just one click of a button.

8 Video Hosting Sites to Consider in 2020 #infographic

infographic by: blog.bannersnack.com

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