How Tech Giants Makes Their Billions #infographic

How Tech Giants Makes Their Billions #infographic

Yet due to success in almost every market, Big Tech has dominated Big Oil and other large business classes to make up the world's most successful publicly traded firms. Both businesses have improved the financial status of their billionaire owners through sustained growth and driven NASDAQ to a new record high.

Growth is, unfortunately, failing. Data-use, diversity and treatment of staff have now become global hot-button issues, putting Big Tech on the defensive for both advertisers and governments.
The world's largest companies are now in technology, and four of the five "Major Tech" businesses have risen to trillion dollar market capitalizations.

Despite their similarities, each of the five technology firms (Amazon, Apple , Facebook, Microsoft, and Alphabet) has somewhat different cash flow and development trajectories. Some have a diverse mix of software, cloud technology, products, and data gathering while others have a more narrow focus.

How Tech Giants Makes Their Billions #infographic

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