Best and Worst Countries for Wi-Fi Access #infographic

Best and Worst Countries for Wi-Fi Access #infographic

Your Internet connection will dramatically change when you're traveling, when you're crossing the border. You could go away from getting fast, widespread Wi-Fi in a country with just a few hotspots within which have slow Wi-Fi.

Technology policies and Internet infrastructure can vary greatly from country to country, making it difficult to know what Wi-Fi is like until it's too late.

Where do you get the best Internet access in the world, then?
To see how each country stands on broadband, internet speeds and number of access points, let 's take a look at the latest data.

Countries where Wi-Fi coverage is usually best.

When visiting the world's public Wi-Fi hotspots, it isn't always easy to get high-speed networking and mobile phone connectivity. With Lithuania and Croatia leading the way with speediest download speeds, the top 20 Wi-Fi countries in Europe are all in.

Best and Worst Countries for Wi-Fi Access #infographic

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