How to Remain Compliant in 2020 and Beyond #Infographic

How to Remain Compliant in 2020 and Beyond #Infographic

While 2019 saw the lowest number of FINRA cases since 2011, businesses need to be confident that they can comply with the law by ensuring that their supervisory systems can detect any problems. FINRA 's recommendations are still in effect after the pandemic, however due to COVID-19 scams and other issues, the number of cases is likely to rise due to the use of less secure means of communication. If companies require the use of various communication channels, they will need to learn how to store text messages, collect WhatsApp and WeChat messages, and record voice calls.

Compliant with this year's legislation and beyond, companies will need to take the following into account.

For three consecutive years, FINRA fines have been consistently reduced , resulting in companies not having to pay large sums if they break the regulations. Organizations may have some extra money left for annual enforcement from their good budgets, but smaller companies still have their issues, as their reputation may be damaged as well.

How to Remain Compliant in 2020 and Beyond #Infographic

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