Top 11 SEO Mistakes that You Must Avoid #infographic

Top 11 SEO Mistakes that You Must Avoid #infographic

SEO is key to improving online searchability and awareness of your brand. In most online companies it's one of the main consumer acquisition techniques. Yet if you don't have a full-scale understanding of SEO and the whole strategy isn't being properly implemented, you may miss the opportunity to expand your company online. So find out some common mistakes you just have to make to take your company to the next level.

1. Current SEO methods are used

2. Ignoring the functionality of structured data & search

3. Focusing on Traffic Just

4. Not relying on Text Branded Anchor

5. Not Made for Mobile

6. Thin / Double Material

7. Unclear SEO Goals

8. Keywords blend.

9. Using The True Redirects

10. 10. Misuse of Robots.txt, Consumer and Disallow agents

11. 11. Not building backlinks on price

See the infographics for more comprehensive information about those 11 SEO mistakes.

Top 11 SEO Mistakes that You Must Avoid #infographic

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