Why Do We Love to Bet? #infographic

Why Do We Love to Bet? #infographic

There are several scientific theories about how we play and why we play. We have to take a decision every time we come up against uncertainty. We calculate the chances, we are talking of potential triggers and we are taking the opportunity. Everyone makes different bets in their lives whether it's a small bet or a big one.

One response to why we want to do that is simply because we're hard-wired for this. We love the feeling of power, excitement and for many this is a fun way to spend time. Betting should be more of a sport than ever. But, when left unchecked, stuff can end up being addictive to certain individuals.

The BetBlokes infographic that comes with it sheds further light on what causes us to be interested in these events.

Why Do We Love to Bet? #infographic

infographic by: betblokes.com

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