A Couple’s Guide to Moving in Together #infographic

A Couple’s Guide to Moving in Together #infographic

Deciding to move in together is a big step to take as a group. This transition can be a thrilling journey but can face some obstacles along the way as well. There's lots to talk about whether you're newlyweds or just about to take the move-in plunge, like living habits and finances.

Our guide lays down how to navigate living together as a couple peacefully and making the move a seamless one, from the important discussions to be held before going on to cohabitation tips and tricks.
Although there are many benefits to living together — such as shared rent payments, and still being by your loved one 's hand — there are certain things to chat about and consider before making the move.

It 's critical that both of you have open minds and rational expectations. In addition to tips for living with your partner, we have turned to relationship experts and clinicians to provide advice on important discussions that you can have before moving in together.

A Couple’s Guide to Moving in Together #infographic

infographic by: www.turbotenant.com

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