A Detailed Guide to Jobs in Aged Care #infographic

A Detailed Guide to Jobs in Aged Care #infographic

Do you care for and help the elderly, and wish to assist them with their regular tasks? Then you may want a career in Aged care. Australia's government has predicted that the aged care industry will have about 179,000 work openings over the next five years.

His often comes under personal care and requires helping clients complete their daily tasks. A worker might be living with the client, spending long hours at his home, or visiting them daily.
This is the largest and fastest growing sector in Australia, and employs over 1.5 million people. It covers emergency services such as clinics, outpatients, GPs, and facilities such as childcare and aged care. Many workers are female and it is fairly common to work part time.

There's a void for aged carers in the management and support structures. Many of this sector 's employees are self-employed, with more than 40 per cent working as part-time staff.

A Detailed Guide to Jobs in Aged Care #infographic

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