Education during a pandemic #infographic

Education during a pandemic #infographic

This ongoing health crisis has undeniably changed the way Aussie families connect, with many forced to remain at home and spend more time together than ever before.

It's not shocking that many of us have had to have our primary and secondary school aged kids at home in recent months at some point, with nearly nine out of 10 doing so during this pandemic (88.0 percent). And while often difficult, half (50.0 percent) handled home schooling well, and over one in 10 found it 'very simple' (13.3 percent).

For all, however, this was not the case, more than one-third found it hard, confessing they were struggling with it (36.6 per cent). The key challenges included keeping children concentrated (73.9%) as well as being able to perform their own home duties (61.2%).

Education during a pandemic #infographic

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