SEO is an Investment in Your Company’s Future #infographic

SEO is an Investment in Your Company’s Future #infographic

The people responsible for managing a business' finances can view expenditure as either expenditure, or investment. So what's the difference, then?

Expenditure is the constant cost of keeping the company running, including rent, taxation, salaries , wages, equipment , materials, and so on.

Investment, by comparison, is the expense of growing growth and corporate strategy. Investment is services and goods that will enable the company to achieve significant additional growth and capital. They are not essential to day-to-day operations but can influence the business' future.
Why differentiate between expenditure and investment, because both ultimately leave resources to the firm? The main difference is that strategic investments tend to put more capital into the business; a lot more money; much more than the investment's actual value. That is the goal. Not always understood but the target is. The investor is also looking at the future return on investment ( ROI) for all investments. The primary incentive to invest is the ROI.

SEO is an Investment in Your Company’s Future #infographic

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