Why spend precious time creating resume? #infographic

Why spend precious time creating resume? #infographic

Mapping a career is usually the term of subsequent second step. It involves looking at your entire career from different perspectives and structuring your skills in that order. For instance, if you have skills in various geographical areas , i.e. in North America, Asia , Latin America, or even different countries in a world in a similar region or multiple locations, it all adds up. Likewise, it is worth remembering if your work involved managing people or maintaining relationships with stakeholders from various positions or agencies. For more detailed, step-by - step instructions see this article.

On average for every worker there are 1.73 resumes in the job market. The median number of CVs per household is one. Furthermore, for each job role an average of 250 resumes are screened. Not only that, every curriculum resume on average has only one tad less than 400 words.

This basically means that there are far so many resumes out there for every position and every recruiter to be screened. Besides a great number of resumes, there are even more things for recruiters to sort through.

While a one-pager resume document suits a fresher or individuals in junior positions, expert recruiters agree that at least two pages of resume are expected by seasoned professionals.

Why spend precious time creating resume? #infographic

infographic by: programs.catalyyze.com

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